• Norvell Auto Revolution® Handheld Option with Intellispray®


  • $ 25,000.00

  • Description

    The Norvell Auto Revolution™ is a state-of-the-art spray booth utilizing Norvell’s patented iNTELLiSPRAY Technology™ and Smart Booth™ designed to simulate the personalized touch of a handheld airbrush session while offering the privacy of an automatic spray booth. Here are some of the highlights:

    • Uses the worlds #1 most requested solution formulation: Norvell® Award Winning Professional Sunless Solution.
    • Norvell® iNTELLiSPRAY™ solution is formulated to work across a wide spectrum of skin tones, creating a customized shade for each client.
    • No orange and virtually no unpleasant ‘sunless tan’ odor.
    • Heated environment activates the DHA and allows a warm, comfortable spray session while eliminating drying time in the booth.
    • Robotic, hand-held simulated spray arm for more precise application.
    • Infrared sensors scan body parameters for an individualized spray session.
    • Automated voice commands guide clients through two easy positions. Simply face front, then face back. No complicated positions needed.
    • Down-draft technology works with gravity pulling any excess spray downward, for a fog-free spray session with extremely limited inhalation of overspray.

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