• Fuji 9300-G75 XT Tan Applicator Gun with Gravity Cup


  • $ 299.99

  • Description

    The 9300-G75 was the first gravity tanning applicator launched by Fuji Spray several years ago.  This non-bleed Applicator is all metal and includes a 3oz side-mounted gravity solution cup. Other features include stainless steel fluid components, adjustable spray pattern and fluid control knobs. The Stay Cool Handle™ never gets hot and remains cool even when spraying for hours on end.

    Several design improvements were made over the years when considering the next generation of Tanning Applicators.  Please see T-PRO Applicator for the latest in high quality tanning equipment.


    • Spray guns are non-bleed (trigger valve) so blowing around of dust is reduced considerably
    • Gun can still be used to blow-dry client by gently pulling the trigger to the first stage of travel
    • Because the air is intermittant (only when you pull the trigger) the 'hiss' of air is much less noticeable
    • Spray pattern (Fan) is easily set to be approximately 4" from the optimum distance of 6" away. This is the ideal size fan for spray tanning. For a smaller size fan - to spray lower arm and wrist for example - simply move the gun closer (for the M-Model spray gun - simply turn the pattern control knob)
    • Quick manual adjustment for a round pattern as small as 1/8" diameter - perfect for enhancing 'abs'
    • Patented Quiet Turbine (Salon 3000) – runs at 56dba (below that of regular conversation)
    • XT sprayguns (Salon 3000 & Mini 3000M) are equipped with 3ozs gravity cup
    • The miniature gravity cup holds 3ozs.Now leakproof with Screw-On Lid/Gasket.
    • M-Model spraygun (2100M) features an 8ozs. plastic bottom feed cup
    • Mobile Gun Stand/Filling station is included only with Salon system (3000)
    • Both mini turbines (3000M & 2100M) feature a convenient gun holder on the turbine itself
    • Ergonomic insulated handle never gets hot
    • User Manual included plus cleaning brush and wrench

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