• Apollo TC3 Whisper Mist


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    Sophisticated Design, Quiet as a Whisper, Shhhhh!

    In the exclusive luxury salon world, silence is part of the ambiance. The Whisper-Mist® Tanning Center was designed by Apollo’s engineers to provide the quietest stationary or movable Whisper Quiet work station. Compact, with sophisticated styling and engineering, it enhances the environment of both small studios and larger salons and spas. 

    Here are the benefits of our unique Whisper quiet design:

    • Quiet as a whisper, the Whisper-Mist® provides a soothing atmosphere for the technician and client 
    • The Whisper-Mist® is perfectly mobile to any tanning site or for use on location for tanning parties 
    • There is storage space on top of the Tanning Center and a Mist Applicator Handi-Hold™ docking station to safely hold and store the Mist Applicator on the case - so it is always ready to spray 
    • The Whisper-Mist® will operate a single Mist Applicator or, by adding the optional “Y” connector, it can operate two Mist Applicators at the same time 
    • The 14’ (4.2m) slim and flexible air hose with quick connect couplers means the hose is never in the way. 

    When the clientele served demand the highest quality tanning experience in a subtle and hushed atmosphere, the Whisper-Mist® is essential equipment.

Apollo TC3 Whisper Mist

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